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You need last-month real-time profit analytics

Spreadsheets are history. TrueProfit is now - instantly know your real-time Profits & Losses today, and every day!

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Don’t you hate it when...

Outdated data leads you to poor decisions?

Without real-time data, making business decisions is like throwing money out the window.

Missed Opportunities

When you figure out your best-seller was underpriced & had a thin profit margin, it’s no longer trending.

Wrong Investment

You over-budget Facebook ad for a month when it's Google ads that convert better.


Your Shopify Store's revenue is big, but when putting all costs together, the costs are sadly bigger.

Messy spreadsheets give you headaches?

Everyone thinks spreadsheets are fine until they discover what 'fine' feels like. None of this is fine:

Outdated data

Having to collect $ numbers from 10+ different data sources, only to see P&L of the past

Human error

Risking miscalculations by human error

Boring repetition

Repeating it every once in a while

Painful process

Staying in the dark for too long because the above process is just too painful to do frequently

End your suffering with TrueProfit's automatic tracking

Track instantly , not monthly or weekly!

Why waste 1 hour per week on manual calculating?

Free yourself from manually collecting data over and over every week. Set up once & stay updated forever:

See all important metrics at a glance
Sync revenue, products & orders from Shopify
One-click sync ad spends from all ad channels
Auto track COGS, shipping, transaction fee for every order

Why wait till month end to see your true profit?

Lagging reports can cost you many opportunities. With TrueProfit’s real-time tracking capacity, that’s no longer the case!

Stay on top of all your money in and out
Make data-backed decisions confidently
Monitor on the go with a handy mobile app

3 easy steps to start tracking with TrueProfit


Step 1: Set up once only


Step 2: Get insights from dashboards


Step 3: Make informed decisions for your Shopify Store

Let Our Customers Define Us

TrueProfit enables Shopify businesses to have a clear picture of their financial health (and all the real-time numbers behind it).


True Profit is the absolute BEST Shopify app to help track profits. I have tried spreadsheets and other programs, but TrueProfit makes it much easier. Their customer service is also top-notch, with almost immediate replies.

30%  increase in profit


Fantastic, works very well, the only app that properly track my Shopify true profit. Takes every small thing into account. Truly helps so much.

20%  increase in revenue


It's super useful and beginner-friendly! Saves hours of calculations. It's a must-have for every Shopify store even if you are beginner so you can clearly see your profits/losses.

30%  time saving on reports


Great app and excellent support. The tool helps a ton with tracking Shopify store's P&L. Primarily because it pulls in all the ad spend across all ad channels, and they have integrations with all major shipping platforms.

30%  ad spend saving

Powerful Plans That Fit All Business Types



$25 monthly

500 monthly orders

Additional $0.2 per exceeding order. Maximum surcharge: $300.

CheckReal-time Profit Analytics

CheckCustomer Lifetime Value

CheckMulti-Store Compiled Dashboard

CheckMobile App for iOS and Android

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$50 monthly

800 monthly orders

Additional $0.1 per exceeding order. Maximum surcharge: $400.

CheckEverything in Basic, plus:

CheckP&L Report

CheckProduct Analytics

CheckWeight-based Shipping Cost

CheckShopify Shipping Auto-sync

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$100 monthly

2000 monthly orders

Additional $0.05 per exceeding order. Maximum surcharge: $500.

CheckEverything in Advanced, plus:

CheckQuantity Break for COGS Settings

CheckUnlimited COGS by Zones Setups

CheckProduct Bundling Analytics

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$200 monthly

Unlimited orders

Save 20% with Annual plan. Price based on your last 12-month revenue, starting $200.

CheckAccess to ALL features, plus:

CheckUnlimited orders

CheckNo extra order fee

CheckUnlimited team members

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TrueProfit has empowered 3,000+ Shopify merchants to make smart and timely decisions with real-minute profit insights.

CheckStay on top of every minor Profit & Loss in real time

CheckFocus more on trending products and profitable customer segments

CheckConnect multiple Shopify stores for an aggregated view of your profitability

CheckTrack on the go with iOS and Android app


Frequently Asked Questions

1.You connect your Shopify store, ad channel, shipping platform, etc. to TrueProfit
2.TrueProfit pulls data from all the given sources into one unified dashboard
3.TrueProfit automatically calculates, updates, and shows your profitability from all perspectives: product, customer, marketing channel, etc.

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