[App Review] Think globally, make your store multilingual with Langshop

Oct 21, 2020 | 3 min read | Leave a comment


Before we start talking about the app, let’s consider the importance and benefits of multilingual online stores.

Why make your store multilingual?

Firstly, let’s answer the question “Who needs multilingual content?”. Merchants who want to globalize e-business, increase sales, and incomes need it a lot. Did you know that over 60% of users prefer browsing in their local languages? Yeah, such data is not surprising, but it makes merchants who want to expand online business think. 

Today, it’s not enough just to make an English version of the store. Customers prefer comfortable resources where they can choose products without efforts.

Goals of the multilingual store:

  • Engage foreign customers
  • Increase sales and incomes

To reach these goals, you need a reliable and efficient partner. We know how it can be challenging to select among multiple applications, and we want to help. In this article, we would like to talk about one of the best translations apps on the Shopify App Store – LangShop.

About LangShop app

LangShop is an application that can make your Shopify website multilingual in a few simple steps. It exists since 2016. Currently, the overall rating of the app on the Shopify App Store is 4.9. It has over 6,000 active users. 

Let’s consider features that make the LangShop app special:

  • Various translation options. From the first visit, you will be proposed to auto-translate your Shopify store. All translated content can be edited manually. You can also use the Pro Translation provided by DeepL and Google Pro. Furthermore, you have an opportunity to order a professional human translation.  
  • 100% content translation. If we start listing all types of content that the app translates, it will be a very long list. We just say that LangShop allows for solving all kinds of content.
  • No limits. Does your store have 100 products? That’s OK. Even 100,000 products are also OK for LangShop. You can translate all of them without extra-payments. You pay one price and translate any amount of content.
  • 241 languages. That’s the highest number of supported languages among Shopify translation apps. 
  • 80+ currencies. How to make the multilingual store more user-friendly? Try to add currencies. LangShop also provides customizable language and currency selectors. 
  • Localization. You get unique URLs for translated versions of the site and hreflang tags automatically. This option is available thanks to the integration with the Shopify API.

Note that the app is partners-friendly. It means that if you just started creating your Shopify store and it’s in the developer’s mode, you can use the app for free during this period. 

For any questions, refer to the 24/7 support team. They are always there to help you!


Well, in this brief review, we’ve considered the main features of the LangShop app. It’s really effective and easy-to-use. The app will be a great helper for any Shopify store on developing and expanding e-business to foreign markets.  

So, if you were looking for an outstanding app that will make your website multilingual in minutes, LangShop should be an ideal choice for your Shopify store 😉