March 2022: New and Improved Profit Analytics

Mar 16, 2022 | 2 min read | Leave a comment


This March, there is a new update coming to True Profit. That is the improved Profit Analytics.

With this new feature, users can analyze changes to their store’s business data at different time ranges. This new Profit Analytics is apart from the Profit Real-time Tracking, and it is a part of the plan to make TrueProfit a Business Intelligence application for eCommerce. 

Here are what you can expect from the new Profit Analytics

  • There will be a Time series Line Chart at the top. You can also change the Time Range and Period of the Chart.
  • Below the Chart, there will be 2 data columns corresponding to 2 different periods. This allows merchants to have comparisons between Profit and Cost data.
  • Besides, the second data column also has the Date Range feature, allowing users to have useful calculations easily instead of choosing dates manually. The options include Previous Period, Same period of the previous month, and Same period of the previous year.

Along with this new feature, there are also changes to the menu dashboard menu, where you can find all the settings you need to track, collect, and calculate your store’s data.

For more information, you can visit our Help Blog to learn more about all changes in this new update.

Want to test this new Profit Analytics? You can install TrueProfit from Shopify App Store.