July 2020 Release: Cost of Goods Sold can now be imported by file

Jul 13, 2020 | 1 min read | Leave a comment

Importing COGS (Cost of goods sold, or Product cost) to your profit tracking app is supposed to be simple, until there’re so many products that manual input becomes a nightmare.

Previously with TrueProfit, you can implement a quick fix with Estimated COGS rate (the COSG/Sale price percentage). It’s super quick, but if you want extra accuracy, you’ll love this new function: Import/export COGS with a .csv file.

Simply download the template (with all your products listed in it), make changes to the COGS column then upload again.

This function will gives you much more control over COGS, besides entering manually or estimating.

3 methods of entering COGS

For detailed instruction, check out this Help article.

Want to try this function? Install TrueProfit from Shopify App Store.


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