TrueProfit’s Announcement

“Unsupported app” warning? Here’s why you shouldn’t worry!

1 min read

A temporary warning from Shopify saying "This app is currently unsupported." But nothing bad happened.

July 2020 Release – Export data from Profit Analytics and COGG

1 min read

In Profit Analytics, you can export your data (Revenue, total cost, net profit, etc.) using the Export button to a .csv file.

Auto currency conversion for multi-currency accounts

1 min read

If your Shopify store and ad account(s) use different currencies, TrueProfit will automatically convert to your store currency.

July 2020 Release: Quantity Breaks available for Shipping profiles

1 min read

Quantity breaks allow shipping cost to be different (to the first item) from the second item onwards.

July 2020 Release: Cost of Goods Sold can now be imported by file

1 min read

Beside inputting COGS directly on site, you have the option to upload a .csv file. This comes in handy when you have hundreds of product and need a way to copy/paste product costs quickly.

July 2020 Release: All-new Product Analytics and why we rebuilt it

2 min read

New Product Analytics will integrate with Google Analytics to help you see the breakdown metrics of each single product's Views, Adds to cart, Add-to-cart rate, Purchases, Conversion rare and Revenue.

February 2020 Release: TrueProfit Mobile App – Manage your stores anywhere, any time

1 min read

Take another step to an easier life with our mobile app. Check your numbers on the go, without the hassle of carrying a laptop all day long.

December 2019 Release: Custom spends can now be set to recurring

1 min read

With this update, you can even add recurring costs so that the expenses are automatically counted weekly or monthly.

December 2019 Release: Syncing Google Ad spend is now supported (wholeheartedly)

1 min read

Store owners who use Google Ads - great news: From now on it's possible for you to pull in Google Ad spend straight from your Google account.

November 2019 Release: Introducing Advanced Shipping Cost

1 min read

Our new update will enable you to set advanced rules for shipping cost, based on countries and products.