TrueProfit’s Announcement

April 2021 Release: More Ads Integration: Bing and Snapchat

Adding Bing and Snapchat Ads to TrueProfit to better manage Ad Spend.

March 2021 Release: Transaction Fees – Adding more payment gateways

Adding other payment gateways to better manage Transaction Fees.

January 2021 Release: Break-Even metrics in Product Analytics

Know if you've started breaking even or making profit.

December 2020 Announcement: Free-plan Discontinued

As a part of our strategic plan, we will stop offering free-plans to new users.

December 2020 Release: Variable Costs – vital expenses to track

Track Variable Costs to better manage your Custom Spend.

December 2020 Release: Lifetime Value – truly know your customers’ worth.

See Lifetime Value (LTV) to understand how valuable your customers are to you.

October 2020 Release: Handling Fees, for a more accurate Total Cost.

Add and monitor Handling Fees to your Cost Setting for a more accurate result.

September 2020 Release: Report via emails is available now

Stay up to date without the hassle of logging in to TrueProfit all the time.

August 2020 Release: Historical COGS – Add multiple product costs to one product

Track all your COGS in the past, present and future with Historical COGS. Different time range - different COGS.

August 2020 Release: Order History – Manage single order costs

Order History allows you to manage single orders and make adjustments to an order cost if necessary.