TrueProfit’s Announcement

May 2022: Get Your Billing Details & The Updated Shipping Cost

Have full control over your business with the new update this May. See your Billing Details and how to integrate shipping software.

March 2022: New and Improved Profit Analytics

With the new update this March, merchants can now use TrueProfit to monitor their stores' data more accurately.

February 2022: Upgrade Your COGS Settings

There is a new upgrade in the COGS settings. You can now set up COGS values according to zones and countries.

January 2022: Updated Shipping Cost Feature

The Shipping Cost feature has just got a new update. You can now set up shipping costs for specific products and variants.

December 2021 Release: Pinterest Ads Integration

Adding Pinterest Ad Spend to manage your cost better.

New: TrueProfit Community on Facebook

Join the TrueProfit Community on Facebook. Learn, share and get help from other users. Reach out to us for improvements as well.

August 2021 Release: Redesigned Mobile App.

An improved mobile app now available on Android and iOS app stores. In conjunction with User System.

August 2021 Release: User System. Managing multiple stores with ease.

See multiple stores in one place. Assign different roles to staff.

July 2021 Release: Tiktok Ads Integration

Adding Tiktok Ad Spend to manage your cost better.

May 2021 Release: Shipping Software Integration – better cost calculation

Integrate your shipping software into TrueProfit for a better shipping cost calculation