May 2022: Get Your Billing Details & The Updated Shipping Cost

1 min read

Have full control over your business with the new update this May. See your Billing Details and how to integrate shipping software.

March 2022: New and Improved Profit Analytics

2 min read

With the new update this March, merchants can now use TrueProfit to monitor their stores' data more accurately.

February 2022: Upgrade Your COGS Settings

1 min read

There is a new upgrade in the COGS settings. You can now set up COGS values according to zones and countries.

January 2022: Updated Shipping Cost Feature

1 min read

The Shipping Cost feature has just got a new update. You can now set up shipping costs for specific products and variants.

December 2021 Release: Pinterest Ads Integration

1 min read

Adding Pinterest Ad Spend to manage your cost better.

New: TrueProfit Community on Facebook

1 min read

Join the TrueProfit Community on Facebook. Learn, share and get help from other users. Reach out to us for improvements as well.

How to Get More Sales on Shopify: 7 Practical Ways You Wouldn’t Miss

11 min read

With these advantageous marketing strategies and useful apps, your journey of online business should have a promising future!

August 2021 Release: Redesigned Mobile App.

1 min read

An improved mobile app now available on Android and iOS app stores. In conjunction with User System.

August 2021 Release: User System. Managing multiple stores with ease.

1 min read

See multiple stores in one place. Assign different roles to staff.

July 2021 Release: Tiktok Ads Integration

1 min read

Adding Tiktok Ad Spend to manage your cost better.