August 2021 Release: User System. Managing multiple stores with ease.

Aug 10, 2021 | 1 min read | Leave a comment


What makes managing multiple stores easier? Single interface and staff collaboration.

We’ve packed these two solutions into our latest feature, called “User System”.

(Skim this Help Article now if you’re really in a rush)

As its name suggests, this feature will allow you to assign different roles to your staff so that they can help you co-manage your stores.

This feature is born from the fact that we – as store owners – don’t want our staff to see everything on our TrueProfit page. This is what we call “supervised collaboration”; and we hope you will benefit from it.

Add new users and assign roles

Also, you can now see all of your stores in one place. Instead of switching between browser tabs as before, simply hit the button located on the top left, and there you go.

The store button will be repositioned a bit.

Read this Help Article to know how to navigate through our new User System. Once you’re familiar with it, you will see how powerful it is in helping you manage your stores with ease.

New to TrueProfit? Install it now and give it a go.

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