July 2020 Release: All-new Product Analytics and why we rebuilt it

Jul 09, 2020 | 2 min read | Leave a comment

Building a good app involves a lot of learning and listening, and every now and then looking back to find out what can be done better. Sometimes it means to re-build what we’ve already had, solely because we’ve found another approach to take you further. That happened with our Product Analytics feature.

Our goal remains the same: To help you get an overview, and at the same time, detailed understanding of your products. We figured out we need a solid ground before any complex calculations being carried out, leading TrueProfit to integrate with the legen-wait for it-dary Google Analytics.

The all new Product Analytics will show you the breakdown metrics of each single product:

  • Views
  • Adds To Cart
  • Add-to-cart rate
  • Purchases
  • Conversion rate
  • Revenue

Start discovering the true potential of your products. Which ones convert the best? Which ones get high traffic yet doesn’t sell as well?

But that’s not all. Our next versions will see the introduction of break-even point and comeback of cost and profit, all attributed to each single product for you to make instant decisions.

Stay tuned. The best is yet to come and we just can’t wait!

For detailed instruction, check out this Help article.

Want to try this function? Install TrueProfit from Shopify App Store.


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