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Alasdair McLean-Foreman On Going From Cleaning Bathrooms To Raising $65 Million For His AI-Driven Startup

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Rivi builds a Travel Assistance Chatbot

Whether you’re the leader of a company, a department, a team, or just yourself, having the skills to motivate, inspire and move people to action is essential. We’ve got resources for experienced leaders and those just starting out. Hosted by Lan Anh Vu, Luminate provides you with exclusive, unfiltered access to the world’s most accomplished people in business, politics and society. Advanced Conversational AI to provide powerful voice-first experiences for any industry.

aidriven audio startup gives to

People.ai provides enterprises with a revenue operations and intelligence platform that transforms business activity data into crucial insights for sales, marketing and operations teams. Powered by AI-based automation and user-friendly workflows, People.ai’s platform helps facilitate decision making across the enterprise without weighing teams down with extraneous processes. AI-driven video-processing startup Toch.ai has launched an INR 100 Cr startup fund to invest in audio and video technology startups across the world. Toch.ai will also provide advisory and networking opportunities to promising startups along with the capital infusion. Crypto platform to create, test & monetize automated trading bots for data scientists, developers, and traders.

Toch.ai Launches INR 100 Cr Startup Fund To Back Audio And Video Tech Startups

This time, you get to discover 5 hand-picked AI solutions impacting travel companies. The level of immersion offered by these experiences will determine whether the metaverse lives or dies. The next component is cognition.“Cognition is about the internal states of the character, such as memory, emotion, personality, goals, and background,” he said. Here Inworld AI will use natural language processing, emotion recognition, reinforcement learning, and goal-directed conversational AI to enhance the cognitive abilities of virtual characters.

aidriven audio startup gives to

As the technology identified varying video lengths for specific platforms, it helped spur higher watch times. Along with other entertainment media, YouTube and recommendation engines improve matches between listeners and artists. By 2030, Goldman Sachs reports, streaming services will create$34 billion in revenuefor the music business. These services will simultaneously generate a consistent and credible source of data that improves insight and outreach to various audience demographics. Engagement data offers insight into how audiences respond to new music genres, trends, artists, and songs. It can show the number of collections, changes in followers, and the number of plays per payer, all calibrated by the number of saves or collections that include a specific song.

Great Companies Need Great People. That’s Where We Come In.

Algolia offers an API that enables its customers—from tech companies like Slack to media businesses like the Financial Times—to embed search experiences in their websites and applications. Constructor.io is another fast-growing competitor in this space that focuses specifically on ecommerce search and discovery. Neuron Soundware provides software solutions for audio analysis, voice diagnostics, and sound manipulation. The company is using deep learning technology to create audio analytics software.

aidriven audio startup gives to

Toneboard — Toneboard identifies health problems of the elderly based on the way they talk. Ai Build — Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Additive Manufacturing technologies. Chronomics — An epigenetic testing AI platform to drive the future of personalised wellness. Olvin aidriven audio startup gives to — Analytics platform that serves premium quality intelligence to the drinks trade. Humanise.AI — Increasing hotel revenues, by improving guest experience and loyalty. I have put together a list of 100 start ups with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning at their core.

What Is AI Powered Content Creation and Strategy?

There are even content generation AI platforms that will write anything for you on any topic. Most of the top content generation tools today focus on written content. Today, AI content creation often refers to written content like blog posts, articles, and marketing copy. With this experienced team, the organization is in a strong position to set the standard for interactive virtual characters. After all, “Widespread success of the metaverse and other immersive applications depends on how enveloping those experiences can be,” said Ilya Fushman, investment partner at Kleiner Perkins.

aidriven audio startup gives to

That includes analyzing and improving across thousands of factors, from tone of voice to approved language and style to how on-brand your content is. The result is consistent, impactful content creation across teams, no matter how big you are or what language you communicate in. BrightEdge is a global leader in SEO and content performance marketing that blends search intent discovery, optimized content creation, and performance measurement into one integrated solution. Here at Marketing AI Institute, we track thousands of AI-powered marketing and sales tools.

French music promotion platform Groover raises €6 million to help independent artists boost their success

Businesses can engage potential customers in real time on company websites and in a range of third-party spaces. Connecting with consumers through conversational AI creates intimate experiences without driving up call volumes and demanding more energy from company personnel. Algolia is a more well-established player in enterprise search; the company has raised over $300 million in venture funding since graduating from Y Combinator in 2014.

  • From financial and insurance needs to travel and healthcare, the intelligent products perform duties and answer questions for tech support, billing, scheduling, purchases and policy information.
  • Toneboard — Toneboard identifies health problems of the elderly based on the way they talk.
  • Cresta focuses on providing personalized coaching to contact center agents in real-time, as opposed to post-conversation, with an omnichannel platform that spans phone calls and text chats.
  • GPS and communications aren’t necessary as the technology’s sensors map the battlefield so that it can react in real time to accomplish various missions.

Aiello, a Taipei, Taiwan-based Natural Language Processing and Voice AI startup, announced it raised $5.8 million in pre-Series A+ funding, bringing its total funding to over $10 million. Healthcare data is incredibly messy, as anyone who has been exposed to the modern healthcare system knows. Relevant clinical and pharmaceutical information is typically free-form, poorly organized and spread across disparate data sources, from siloed EHRs to difficult-to-edit PDFs. Extracting insights from this data manually is time-consuming and costly. A related application is chatbots for mental health, a use case that has seen tremendous growth during the pandemic.

Moreover, the web application calculates, refunds, and processes the receipts automatically using AI, allowing the travelers to complete their travel invoices during the commute. If you work with audio or video content, you need to check out Descript. Descript’s AI makes it easy for anyone, even those without a production background, to edit audio and video as easily as you’d edit a text document. Once the template is created, you can run a spreadsheet through the AI tool and it will produce a written narrative. This kind of information can be a goldmine of ideas for your content marketing efforts.

Merkle is an AI-driven search engine that helps you find the best way to spend your money based on the things you’ve bought in the past. PathAI puts AI technology to work aiding pathologists in accurately diagnosing and treating patients. PathAI focuses on cutting out the subjectivity that can lead to errors and negative outcomes for patients. Orbital Insight uses geospatial imagery and AI to answer questions and gain insights invisible to the naked eye. Using data from satellites, drones, balloons and other aircrafts, the company provides insights and forecasts to the agriculture and energy industries. Nauto builds autonomous mobility software to create smarter commercial fleets and safer drivers.

CMO’s top 8 martech stories for the week – 13 October 22 – CMO

CMO’s top 8 martech stories for the week – 13 October 22.

Posted: Thu, 13 Oct 2022 00:00:03 GMT [source]

In the music industry, experts can utilize this tool to target advertising lengths based on different platforms. Hundreds of micro changes allowed YouTube to increasetime spent on the site by 70 percent. This deep reinforcement learning technology will likely propel the music industry forward as companies learn how to advertise and market to high-potential superfans based on the learned streaming data. In the music industry, emerging AI tools are helping reorchestrate the way audiences consume music content.

The company’s target customers include health insurers, pharmaceutical companies and medical device companies. Following in Duplex’s footsteps, a handful of startups have developed voice AI technology that can engage in nuanced automated phone conversations. While Google’s Duplex is a consumer-facing tool , these startups’ go-to-market efforts focus on the enterprise. And no enterprise opportunity looms larger for this technology than contact centers. A close Ada competitor, Rasa’s product caters to more technically savvy users, with a greater focus on chatbot configurability. Rasa’s AI stack is open-sourced, with over 600 contributors and over 10 million downloads.

  • It supports paper to digital workflow speeds and accuracy for insurance, pharmaceutical and financial services companies.
  • Other startup competitors in this category include Observe.ai, whose product is oriented around post-conversation analytics rather than real-time coaching, and Level AI, which focuses on automating call center quality assurance.
  • Notwithstanding earlier false starts, chatbots today have begun to gain real market adoption, thanks to improvements in the underlying NLP as well as in companies’ understanding of how to best productize and deploy these bots.
  • AI does that by using the NLP capabilities we mentioned above to understand how others cover certain topics online, then surface those insights for you.
  • They’re currently in early seed, with the founders describing their value as helping companies “make better decisions with less data”.

At the same time, the AI solutions that Inworld AI is developing will enable virtual character creation that extends well beyond the complexity of AI-driven avatars like Pandora Bots and Soul Machines. The end goal of the platform is to offer a platform that visual avatar providers and organizations can use to develop “characters that can interact naturally with wide-ranging and completely open dialog,” Gelfenbeyn said. Although, speech is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the communicative capabilities of these AI characters. At the end of the day, choosing the right martech stack can make or break a startup. So, do you want your startup to be among the 10% that stay in business or the 90% that fail?


Professionals from across the music industry can use this actionable engagement data to attract increased visibility for their signed artists, thereby reaching more fans. Music labels can target audiences and track patterns to make improved business decisions, all while stimulating revenue. The site uses a number of accessibility features and tools to let the reader decide how to tell the 15-minute-plus story.


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